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Our impact

Sustainability is not just a trend – it is here to stay.

Our work is needed more than ever.

Sustainability is no longer a marginal topic; it has arrived in the middle of society and the business world. Regulators and customers demand binding targets and sustainable action. Companies are forced to act at the latest when competitors are already further ahead. 

With us, companies can establish a stable and solid sustainability strategy and thus secure their future place in the market. On top, we help you to find a credible and authentic way of communicating your sustainability performance.

Let’s prevent your business from falling behind by preparing now! 

Our goals:


Contribute to carbon reduction as well as improving natural and social capital with our clients and projects


Be an employer of choice by providing a respectful environment with a purpose, team spirit, and opportunities


What we do, we do with conviction

and we give 100% – out of passion

Sustainability is a major concern for each and every one of us. What drives us is the desire to create a real impact with our work. To ensure this, we regularly reflect on and further evaluate our actions and methods. Seeing the positive impact of our work every day reinforces our mission for a more sustainable world. It is this inspiration which we not only pass on internally, but also to our clients.

Sustainability is our core business,

not just a buzzword

We are experts in climate protection and decarbonization, but our know-how goes far beyond what is currently in the public focus. By acknowledging the complexity of ecosystems and with 170 specialists from different areas, we can ensure a holistic approach considering multiple perspectives. 

We are changemakers

and front runners

We are always one step ahead, dedicating space to new topics and innovations and thinking in a future-oriented way. We raise the bar higher than others and challenge our clients. By identifying their issues, as well as those of society, we can develop targeted services and act as pioneers.

Let us accompany you on your way toward creating more sustainable value

and find the right solutions for your company.

Our values

Even if the topic of sustainability is serious - working on it with us is a pleasure.

Corporate policy and SBTi commitment

How trustworthy would our advice be, if we did not seek compliance with international standards ourselves, certify our offices or manage our emissions?

The denkstatt Group has sites with quality and environmental management certificates in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. We have set ourselves a science-based climate target and are ambitious to improve our services and processes continuously to guarantee that our actions are a contribution to sustainability.

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