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We believe that today’s challenges need tools that help automate administrative tasks and give you the freedom and availability to make your company more sustainable in an easy way. 

Our software solutions support you in your ESG management

and provide you with accurate information when needed.


Your quick-fix for ESG data collection, sustainability reporting and performance monitoring:

Have a look at our sustainability tool easy!sustain, which provides automated and yet customized solutions for your ESG data management.

ESG Analyser

Powered by denkstatt Group, the ESG Analyser, is a comprehensive tool for collecting and evaluating reliable sustainability data with a focus on CO2, carbon footprint and physical climate risks. We partnered up with riskine – the top Austrian Fintech in the field of digital advisory solutions in the financial industry– and jointly developed the ESG Analyser, which is not only based on important industry standards, like the GHG and PCAF, but also connected to the most relevant sustainability databases.
The tool was designed for banks, insurances and other organizations with the need to gather primary sustainability data and analysis for a portfolio of organizations, customers or subsidiaries. Based on an intelligent set of questions with very limited effort, the ESG Analyser provides primary data on CO2e emissions (Scope 1-3), EU Taxonomy relevance, physical climate risks, as well as benchmarking data for your SME customers.

The result are recommended actions for your customers and an extensive analysis of existing sustainability risks and financed emissions of your SME portfolio. Furthermore, the ESG Analyser provides important data for the necessary regulatory reporting (green asset ratio, EBA guidelines, etc.).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Robust data and analysis with low effort in terms of time and resources
  • For your customers: first insights into the size and drivers of their CO2e emissions, paired with concrete advice for action
  • Data for portfolio-steering and regulatory reporting

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Frequently asked questions on ESG software

Data analytics tools are digital solutions to manage data and facilitate processes. These software applications can collect and analyze data in an efficient way. With reference to sustainability, ESG tools can collect data about a business’s sustainability performance, calculate carbon footprints and help prepare the data for CSR reporting.

An ESG analytics tool can help with optimizing your processes and increasing efficiency by providing an overview and detailed insight into your sustainability performance. It provides reliable information efficiently, which can then serve as a basis for strategic decisions, measures, and sustainability reporting.

ESG reporting is the publication of a company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impacts as well as its sustainability measures. ESG reporting not only helps you to improve your credibility and reputation among your customers and stakeholders – it is also becoming a necessity for certain companies due to regulatory requirements. Increasing momentum through upcoming frameworks such as the CSRD reinforces the need to report a company’s sustainability performance.

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