EHS Management

EHS management stands for Environment, Health and Safety aspects in companies. In times of transformation, multiple crises and opportunities, EHS management helps you to lay a solid foundation for your sustainability management.

Three letters with a lot behind them: realizing EHS potential means maximizing your business performance

EHS management is more than being legally compliant and ensuring occupational health and safety. It is a strategic component for your business.

Why EHS processes are important

EHS is not a nice-to-have but has strategic importance for your business. In the field of EHS management, companies can assess and meet challenges as well as identify and seize opportunities. EHS leads to an appropriate understanding of your processes and the related impacts on environmental and sustainability issues.

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How your business can benefit from EHS management

An environment or health and safety management system is the basis for a successful company. Through our EHS management services, we help you to:

  • Meet your customer and market demands
  • Ensure legal compliance within your company
  • Establish processes and a robust basis for sustainability management
  • Get sound EHS metrics that pass external audits (e.g. CSRD)
  • Control environmental processes and environmental data management
  • Work on your employer brandings
  • Anticipate requests from customers and other stakeholders

Our EHS management services

EHS management has been one of our most important consulting areas for many years. With the help of our environment, health, and safety consultants you will get a deeper understanding of your company’s environmental impact as well as of external (environmental) impacts that could affect your company.

We analyze and optimize processes and jointly derive measures to improve environmental performance. Moreover, we offer continuous support for your management system. Our denkstatt approach includes:

Implementation of management systems

Manage and optimize your processes by implementing transparent and clear structures
We offer support for the implementation of management systems for quality, the environment, health and safety, and energy, based on the international ISO standards 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001. The integration of management systems follows a goal-oriented, practical and individual approach. Our 30 years of experience in various industries and organizations in this service field help us to find the best solution for you.
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Legal compliance

Ensure legal compliance in a changing world
In an environment of rapidly changing regulatory requirements, legal compliance on a company level is becoming increasingly challenging. Nevertheless, legal compliance is a must for any business. We help your company to meet its obligations, while also keeping the resources required to a minimum. In addition, we offer regulatory monitoring, which, in contrast to the legal register, provides information about future regulations, as well as various services for greenwashing prevention.
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Green Claims Check & Greenwashing prevention

Make sure to communicate your sustainability efforts correctly
Greenwashing can happen unintentionally when claims about sustainability performance are misleading, unspecific, or not backed up with evidence for example. The consequences for deceiving consumers are manifold. We make sure that you do not unintentionally practice Greenwashing and assess your claims, analyze the content in your communications channels, and raise awareness in the marketing department or the whole company.
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Indicator and data management

Get a comprehensive set of quantitative indicators to set up strategic sustainability management
In order to set up a good reporting system and sustainability management, a comprehensive set of quantitative indicators is required. They give sustainability a tangible meaning, help your organization in setting sound goals, and track your performance towards them. With our support, you can set up the right process to manage your data, identify the right indicators and select a data management or software solution that is fit for the future of your enterprise.

Water stewardship

Manage water as a resource – with a crystal-clear water strategy
Water stewardship goes far beyond classical water management. Water users need to go far beyond their fences and work together in order to address water-related challenges at the catchment level. Our experts offer crystal clear methods for water management and straight forward approaches to assess your water risks.
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Internal audits

Get the external perspective for compliance and opportunities
We offer internal audits for ISO 14001/EMAS, 50001, 45001, and 9001. If implemented properly, audits are one of the most effective tools for identifying potential improvements in various aspects of your organization – from quality and EHS topics to legal affairs and risks. External feedback helps you to develop solutions, highlight your options and provide valuable inputs for project realization. With an outer perspective, we improve your system to meet the requirements of the relevant standard and respond to changes appropriately, which is a major source of competitive advantage.

Subsidy management

Realize your projects through the optimized use of environmentally relevant financing instruments and funding opportunities
We support you with sustainable subsidy management, e. g. on the path to greenhouse gas neutrality. By means of customized subsidy analyses, we reduce your costs and business risks. Through our many years of experience, we identify funding opportunities for our clients and provide support in the submission and processing of funding projects.
Clear processes are the foundation for sustainability in your company.
Our EHS management services provide the substance.


Frequently asked questions on EHS management

The terms EHS, HSE and SHE are consistent in content. They stand for the same topic and are often used synonymously. All of them are abbreviations for the terms Environment, Health, and Safety, but in a modified order (e. g. HSE management stands for Health Safety Environment).

Environment, Health, and Safety management, or EHS Management, is a common term in laws, regulations and a company’s quality management. It addresses potential sources of hazards and risk and ensures occupational safety. In addition to health and safety policy in the company, the optimization of processes and the introduction of management systems also play a major role. Thus, EHS management encompasses a wide range of activities to be legally compliant, ensure safety and enable efficiency in companies. It is also the basis for a company’s sustainability management, which relies on data, for example. Therefore, our EHS management services also include indicator and data management considerations.

There are different EHS management standards. Among the best-known are ISO9001 for quality management systems and ISO14001 for environmental management systems. ISO45001 is a newer standard for occupational health and safety management systems, which has some overlapping with ISO14001. ISO50001 refers to energy management and is also an important focus topic for EHS management and sustainability improvements. At denkstatt we work with the most widely used EHS management standards and support you in finding your company’s gaps and potentials during internal audits.

The costs and required resources vary substantially depending on the complexity of your company. Also, the status quo of the adaptation and optimization of processes and standard-relevant requirements are important cornerstones for cost calculation. We suggest conducting a gap analysis, which provides a clear picture. Learn more about our service for the implementation of management systems.

Motivating and convincing your employees to support your EHS strategy is classic change management and depends on different levers. For example, building up and anchoring processes to improve internal communication is one of the key aspects of the implementation process in management systems.

Your company’s processes are reviewed and analyzed for their environmental relevance during the implementation of the management system. With this approach, the processes can be optimized. Often, significant cost savings can be achieved through direct or indirect effects. The attractiveness of your company to its existing or future employees can be significantly increased.

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